5 Signs You Need a New Roof

A roof is made to protect your home for as long as 50 years, depending on the material used. However, there are damages that can occur which decrease the roofs longevity. It is imperative to have these problems repaired quickly to prevent further damage, but it is also important to know the signs that indicate the need for roofing replacement kissimmee fl. Five of the most common signs are listed below.

1.    Age of the Roof:  The average roof lasts about 20 years, but some materials, like the metal roof, can last for about 50 years. It is a good bet that your roof needs to be replaced if it has reached this age.

2.    Missing Shingles: If you have an asphalt shingles roof and notice there are shingles that are broken or missing, this is another indication that it is time for a roof replacement. Call a professional to inspect the roof to determine if a repair will suffice or if replacement is best.

3.    Curling/Buckling Shingles: It is pretty simple to spot curling and buckling shingles on the roof. When you spot them, it is an alert that it is time to make a replacement.

4.    Flashing: Flashing is also a major concern when it is spotted on your roof. Call the roofing experts at once if you spot flashing because it can let leaks come inside and cause other damage.

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5.    Rot: A rotting roof is undoubtedly one that needs to be replaced quickly. Not only will this roof leak but it also increases the dangers of it falling in and damaging your home and potentially causing injury to your family.

These signs are the most common indications that it is time to install a new roof on your home. Do not ignore the signs and call in a roofing expert when the time comes. Your home will thank you.