Is Concrete The Perfect Floor Material?

Concrete offers a huge range of flexibility when it comes to floors. The floors are strong they withstand great pressure, yet they are quick to lay and, in some circumstances, can be environmentally friendly.

to Maintain

Of all flooring materials concrete is easy to maintain. It does need to be sealed or waxed. Once dry, keeping it clean is easy. Remember though, waxing will need to be repeated from time to time.

moisture barrier for concrete floor

Design Options

One of the best things about concrete is the design options. Floors are not boring, grey utilitarian expanses you expect. Colors, textures and designs can be incorporated into the surface making the floor part of the overall design just like any other flooring surface.

You can add color to the concrete mix before pouring. The surface can be polished to create a faux tile effect, or patterns or textures can be carved into the surface. Imagination is the only limitation.

and Water

Once concrete has dried it is optimal to keep it dry. But unfortunately, there are many sources of moisture, capillary action, water vapor, high humidity and ground moisture all add to the potential of too much. Concrete needs to be protected from water and one of the routes is a moisture barrier for concrete floor.

A properly treated concrete floor will last and look great.

has Some Disadvantages Too

In its strength lies a weakness, concrete is hard. If you fall you are likely to hurt yourself. If you have a concrete kitchen floor and drop a plate or glass it is going to break. Concrete itself is quite warm, but a concrete floor on a winter morning may be chilly. Nevertheless concrete offers a lot of flexibility, no wonder the Romans used it.