Landscaping Vs. Hardscaping

Many homeowners are unaware of what the differences between landscaping and hardscaping are. Some may not have even heard of the term hardscaping. What are these, and how they are different? Today we plan on explaining this question for you.


A hardscape design company Abingdon, MD will incorporate elements of stone, concrete, or other similar materials into your yard. Some companies offer this exclusively, while others offer it with the option of simultaneously landscaping.  Not only does hardscaping look nice, but the placement of walkways will keep people off your lawn, so it looks it’s best.

Things which may be included in a hardscape design are:

·    Walkways

·    Artificial ponds or waterfalls

·    Decorative rock fill (popular on beach front properties)

hardscape design company Abingdon, MD

·    Decks, patios, pool areas, etc.

·    Bird feeders, statues, places to sit


Landscaping is also something used in your yard, but instead of using other elements, this refers to the care of plant life. This service can be offered by the same company as hardscape, or a separate company. You’ll have the option to simply have someone set up your landscape design so you can maintain it, or have them come back periodically to care for it.

A few things which may be included in your landscape design and services are:

·    Mowing, trimming, and leaf blowing

·    Planting of trees or shrubs

·    Weeding or Mulching Flower Beds

·    Planting Flower Beds

·    A general design of natural plant life for your yard overall

They Work Best Together

Hardscaping and landscaping create the best results when used together. By using both services your yard will benefit from a complete overhaul that incorporates the natural and manmade. You’ll have the most curb appeal possible, which is not only great for while living in your home, but also when trying to sell it.